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The Tortoise: The speed limit is always an afterthought because the tortoise always drives 10-15 miles under the speed limit. Riding behind this driver makes me wish they would walk to work.

At the same time, the debt of the U.S. dwarfs all these countries COMBINED. The federal government is increasing the "limit" on the U.S. national debt beyond $14.5 trillion. Is there any upper limit? Why even have a "debt limit".

You will find excise taxes on imported goods. Take a pen for example. If a pen comes in from China, it will probably be cheaper than a pen produced in the United States. Due to the price difference, the United States adds an excise tax to try to equalize to cost of the U.S. pen with the cost of the imported pen. Therefore, promoting the purchase of U.S. made products.

upullit auto parts What cannot be used, like aluminum, is compressed and sold when the prices is right. Hubcaps are sold for very little and the same goes for batteries.

5 acres of land for pennies on the dollar sound great right? What if it is landlocked on all sides?? What if you need to drill a 1000 foot deep well??? What if it is an environmental waste dumping ground?? Get the picture?

u pull it Here's a short version of my story to illustrate my point: In 1992 I had a dental practice in a farm town in Indiana of ten thousand with eleven dentists. The grocery store which anchored the strip mall I was in moved. After that, all the other businesses left or went bankrupt with the exception of the public laundromat. I couldn't leave because I had eight years left on my lease. And all this in the middle of the recession that Bill Clinton inherited when he took office. It killed the economy in northern Indiana and people were afraid to spend money (sound familiar?). I was having a hard time cashing my paycheck and was considering staff lay-offs for the first time in my (at that point) eleven-year career. Whatever junkyards near me did, no matter what solutions I was looking for, I had no way out.

Go through your database and prioritize your leads. Again, use "E" for hot leads. A hot lead is one where you know they have a need, you know who the decision maker is and you know they can afford your product or service. "F" leads are warm leads. For example, you know two out the three criteria for a hot lead, but not all three. You might know they have a need, you might know who the decision maker is, but you do not know if they can afford your product or service thought - that's an "F" status file. This is a good start, now move on to step "3.)".

The research phase of your tax lien purchase is going to be the difference between hitting a home run-redemption with full interest paid, possibility even a grand slam-getting a property for pennies on the dollar OR owning a piece of environment disaster history, made a parcel of useless land that YOU now get to pay taxes on.

With our mother's reluctant blessing, Robert and I set out, with our dog, Cindy, to explore. We didn't tell her we were looking for the town junkyard. She made us wear our high boots. We promised to stay close and to look out for rattlesnakes.

By now, everyone in the area had come over to appreciate our trophy. My brother always could please a crowd. He opened his pocketknife, to remove the rattles, asking dad where to make the cut.

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